Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Greetings


            Winter Holidays – what a boring title for all the excitement that Kindergarteners and First Graders feeling bubbling inside themselves for the last weeks and days of November and for all the weeks and days of December. 

            The holidays have such interesting names, though.  What do they mean??
                        Santa Lucia
                        Las Posadas
            Even the most ordinary, New Year’s Day, is a puzzle… how can a day be a year??

What wonderful names!  What mysterious names!  What happens on those days?  Why are they?  Where are they??  What are they?

We will roam the globe and touch briefly on each one, whether we have anyone who regularly participates in it or not.  As I have said before somewhere, my responsibility to the children of the privileged, the monocultural children I mostly teach, is to (try to) help them to see that their world view is merely one, not The One.  
They will be puzzled, I am sure.  I don’t mind puzzling them a bit as long as they begin, just Begin, to wonder about the rest of the world.  As Anne Green Gilbert says, “Curiosity leads to Awareness, Awareness leads to Change.”

What's Wrong With Pencils

What is Wrong with Pencils

Very little is wrong with pencils
In fact
They have stood the test of time
Many years
As the best tool for printing
And learning how

The part that is wrong is erasers
Pink cylinders
Appealingly stuck on the ends
With metal
Much too tempting not to try