Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Here we are in October of 2012, a beautiful (though dry) fall in the Northwest. School has started, and children are learning, and parents are trying to keep up.

For me, school has both not started and also begun anew. I retired at the end of June 2012 from my primary classroom in public school; in mid-September 2012 I began teaching writing to intermediate children at a small independent school. Now I am co-teaching thirteen nine- and ten-year-olds for parts of three days, a very different experience from first grade!

 Drum Roll, Please:

            The new book is OUT!  Hooray!

Red Flags For Primary Teachers

27 Neurodevelopmental and Vision Issues that Affect Learning
with Activities to Help

Published by Tendril Press (in Colorado) and available from them (  or from me ( or (soon) from my new website,, or from your local bookstore!

            Finally I can stop talking about the new book in the future and actually hold it in my hand!  More importantly, YOU can hold it in your hand too, and try some of the activities and exercises in it with the children in your class who are
P*U*Z*Z*L*I*N*G you!

            Let me know how it goes.